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Applications rise

In today’s world, almost every individual has an android phone or a smartphone. All are hovering in the world of, and Android has become the software of the contemporary age. Most of the technology serve people have made a lot of focus on the Android-powered gadgets for the personal and even professional utilisation.

The rise in the use of android phones explains the reason behind the growth in the development of applications. However, there are lots of questions to be answered concerning the recent rise in the development of the application and risk of downloading apps from GooglePlay. One major issue is that is it important to the people, and should it be included in the primary child education system?

Primary Reasons Behind The Rise In Application Development Popularity In 2019

With the main aim of satisfying the customer needs, all the companies today seek to develop mobile applications by adopting the newly introduced technologies for the same purpose. Some of the reasons which have prompted the rapid growth in the development of application today include the following:

  • Availability of an open source platform: since Android is a platform which is open to everyone. There are lots of chances created to the developers to come up with lots of android applications which are innovative. Similarly, the Android platform tends to be more affordable for both the developers who are the organisation and even the customers who are the consumers of the applications.

  • Friendliness to the developer: another great reason for the increased development of android application today is the fact that the Android platform tends to be friendlier to the developers. As such, they can get lots of opportunities to develop the applications without much sweat. There are lots of cheap tools which are utilised by the developers to come up with an app quickly. This has made it possible for many applications to be developed within a twinkle of an eye.

  • Lots of opportunities for the applications: with the increased use of Android phones and devices, there is need and demand for the applications. As such, the developers waste no chance in developing new and more innovative applications to sell them out to the individuals who would want to use them at a fee. The creation of opportunities by android phones has the best impact on the rise of this development in the world today.

  • The popularity of the Android applications: today, everyone knows about the Android, and therefore, all would want to include them on their devices. People have become enlightened, and most of them are well aware of the importance of using applications. As such, they even develop their applications and name them anything in the platform. This has made it possible for such claims to be even more popular worldwide.

Increased Popularity Of Application Development

The development of applications which has increased in the past few years has contributed to the loss of benefits in the business world. Today, it is possible to shop from online shops using android phones and even smartphones through mobile applications.

This has made it posible for individuals to limit the time they waste on accessing physical shops and even in walking here and there in search of products. Similarly, application development popularity has made it easy for individuals to bank their money with lots of comfort. Most banks have developed applications by leveraging the fact that most individuals have become aware of new technology.

As such, they have made it easy for people to bank their cash while at home or even at their place of work. Again, most people with websites have managed to converge their goods and services they provide into an application to the extent that when you need the services, you only need to access the applications and contact them through the app. In this manner, there have been changes in increasing the customer base for the services provided.

The Bottom Line

From the above reasons for the growth in the application development and following the benefits of technology, it is evident that the technology needs to spread. The only way in which this technology can spread as faster as the bush fire is by including it in the primary school curriculum. The world has been digitalized, and children should be equipped with the trends in technology.

The android application development is one such technology which should not be left behind. Therefore, teaching it to the children is such a fantastic step towards achieving a technological society which is full of innovative minds.

Therefore android application development knowledge will be part and parcel of the basic education in the primary schools. The students need to know of this technology as soon as they begin schooling to increase the knowledge and its benefits an extra mile further.