What Is A Windows App? Things You Should Know

Before Windows 8 and 10 hit the market, the term ‘apps’ was only used to refer to applications in smartphones and tablets that run on the Android or IOS platforms. However, we now talk about apps for PCs, which sounds rather crazy to some people, including some tech experts. This leads to questions such as: what are windows apps? Are they different from windows programs? To find out the answers, keep reading!

What are desktop apps?

Today, desktop apps, programs, and applications are used interchangeably. This is because they basically mean the same thing. Yes, they are no different! This means that if you still have a good VPN for Windows XP, then you have a windows app!

Characteristics of windows apps

Windows applications have different characteristics, but the main ones include;

Have limited features

Most windows applications do not have multiple functions. They are designed to do one thing at a time, or a few complimentary undertakings. Take Skype for example; you can only use this app for messaging, video, and voice calling – not for any other purpose.

It works in various input devices

Windows apps are designed to work with multiple devices including webcams, digital pens, keyboards, printers, mouse, and touch screens.

Run with limited permissions

These apps never receive direct administrative permissions from the user since they are made to run on limited permissions. This means that they cannot alter the normal functioning of other apps, and most importantly, they cannot compromise the integrity of the operating system.

Only run in windows 8.1 and 10

If your PC is running on windows 7 or any other operating system apart from Windows 10 and 8.1, rest assured that Windows apps will not work. Therefore, you will need to upgrade your OS to the newest version.

Forbid adult content

If you thought that you need an 18+ rated windows app, you are mistaken. These apps are distributed via the Microsoft store, where adult content is not allowed.

Only removed through start screen in windows 8.1 and start menu in windows 10

Although we earlier mentioned that programmers use the terms windows apps, programs, and applications interchangeably, you will not find a windows app in the control panel>programs>remove a program. You can only remove these apps through the start screen in windows 8.1 and start menu in windows 10.