Organize Your URLS, Bookmarks, Favorites, User IDs, Passwords, and EMail Addresses!

WebBank is powerful tool with many features to help you be more productive. Its basic goal is to organize and simplify the use of URLs, which gives you access to the many operations they can launch. You can access and launch URLs directly from the color-coded “tree” display or by utilizing WebBank’s powerful search capabilities. You can even launch email messages when WebBank starts your Email client. You can create your URL collection (“Bank”) by using “drag and drop” functionality, by typing, or by importing “Bookmarks” from Netscape Navigator or “Favorites” from Internet Explorer.

WebBank provides an effective alternative to the Windows program menu for many tasks. You can easily use your collection on multiple computers, even with different software. For example, WebBank works well with Internet Explorer,Netscape Navigator, FireFox, or Opera. It can even be configured to allow you to select which browser you want to use when you open a URL.

Banks can be shared with others using the powerful import/export capabilities. With WebBank Administrative tools, you can even use workgroup and personal banks concurrently.